puts you in control with a configurable price management solution that allows *you* to set the rules.

Stay Competitive - No seller wants their inventory to sit on shelves collecting dust, and likewise, no seller wants to sell an item for less than it is worth. With you can keep up with the marketplace with automated hands-free inventory repricing. Create repricing schedules, or reprice on the fly with our RepriceIT Now! feature. Let us be your competitive advantage.

Sell Fast - Our analysis has shown that unlike fine wine, your inventory does not get better with age. In other words, the longer an item sits on your shelf, the less it will be worth. By keeping your prices competitive, you'll be able to sell more inventory, faster, and in turn maximize your revenue.

Increase Profits - Whether you're a small or large scale seller, offers features that will increase your profits and help you get the most out of your full or part-time business. Our intuitive repricing engine will assess the competition and reprice your inventory based on the rules you set up.

Repricing, it's what we do - We spent over a year and a half building and perfecting our repricing engine to get it right. Rather than try and be a tool that does everything, we focused on what we feel is the most important aspect of selling online - pricing. In the faceless world of the Amazon Marketplace, often your only competitive advantage is price, and if you're not in control, then you're losing money.

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